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Ikigai Wealth was born out of a desire to challenge the status quo and offer a service that creates real impact in the lives of our clients.

A message from The Founder

After working in the financial planning industry for over ten years, I believe that the vast majority of planners do not provide the real value their clients deserve and should have a far bigger impact than most of them do. I want to change this.

Over the last 12 years, I have gathered a wealth of experience and insight from running my own business, as well as working for corporate companies and boutique firms. Those years of listening to people have driven my idea on how real financial planning should be approached.

Leading Ikigai Wealth, I’ve created a team that is as passionate as I am about bringing a new meaning to money and creating a life our clients deserve.”

– Devan King

What we do

And what we offer?

Financial Planning

Wealth Management

Investment Advice

Personal Cash Flow Projection & Analysis

Life Planning

Retirement Planning

Risk Advice Personal Insurance

Goal Planning


Our steps to

Meeting Your Money Goal


Complimentary Meeting

We will discuss everything important to you and, if it feels like a good fit, we will send you an engagement proposal. This document will provide a detailed explanation of your objectives, the services we provide to help you achieve them and your investment to work with us.


Follow-up Discussion

During meeting two, we will focus on what drives you in your life and to conceptualise what the rest of your life looks like. We will then determine the financial goals required to help you achieve this vision.


Potential Pathways

During meeting three, we will identify the possible financial pathways available to you to achieve your future. We will create one to four possible cash flow models based on your personal circumstances, and once one is selected, we will start identifying the financial strategies required to achieve that required cash flow.


Creating A Roadmap

During meeting four, we will present your financial roadmap. This is a comprehensive strategy document explaining step by step what you need to do in order to achieve your goals and ambitions.


Execute The Roadmap

Once your financial roadmap is agreed on, it is all about execution. We will drive the implementation of each and every strategy with you.


Accountability Phase

Finally, we move into the accountability phase. We will provide ongoing advice, accountability and oversee your strategy. This includes reporting and management of your investment plans, updating your cash flow model and monitoring the progress towards your goals. You have access to us whenever you need.

Our Fees

Your investment will be made of an engagement fee, which covers the initial project up to and including the financial roadmap. There will then be an ongoing advice fee which will include the strategy implementation and ongoing management and reporting.

We charge fixed, flat fees which are all quoted based on the amount of work involved and the complexity of your circumstances.

Are you ready to make your money count?

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